About us

    Reunite the Fight was founded in 2017 by a group of Marine combat Veterans.   They had reunited yearly after leaving the military, then life got in the way.  After realizing how much they missed the reunions, and the benefits they got by keeping connected, they decided to give that oportunity to other Veterans.

    Reunite the Fight reconnects Veterans with their fellow service members by taking them on hunting and fishing trips around the country!  In just 2018 they helped reconnect over 200 Veterans.  

“If war does not kill the warrior,

having no use for him will.”


     There are too many veterans that survive war only to be forgotten, and fall to the demise of being mission-less. At the end of a tour in the military, whether it was 4 years or 24, a person loses a part of themselves because they realize that feeling of camaraderie is hard to replicate. This level of human connection can only be attained through shared struggle and adversity. 

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