Veterans Reunions & Retreats

Veterans Reunions and Retreats

Battle for Birdies 5/3/2024 Fundraiser supporting Reunite the Fight

Battle for Birdies

Friday, May 3, 2024

Limestone Springs Golf Club

Reunite the Fight helps bring veterans together who have struggled with PTSD, survivors' guilt and suicide by taking them on trips to be able to have an outlet. Come join us for the Battle for Birdies golf outing, all proceeds will be donated to RTF!

8th Annual Operation Give Back Golf Outing

June 7, 2024
Shelby Twp, MI

8th Annual Operation Give Back Golf Outing 2023 - Reunite the Fight

Join us June 7th for our
8th Annual Operation Give Back Golf Outing
benefiting Reunite the Fight!

Reunite the Fight's annual Operation Give Back Golf Outing is designed to raise money and awareness for veterans struggling with PTSD. This money is used to support our PTSD retreats, assisting veterans in obtaining disability benefits, finding employment that pays, and obtaining benefits available to veterans in the state they reside in.

20-Year Reunion
Second Battle for Fallujah

Nov 8, 2024

Reunite the Fight hosts 20-Year Reunion<br>Second Battle for Fallujah

On the 20th anniversary of the Battle of Fallujah, it is important to remember and honor the bravery and sacrifice of the Marines who fought there. The battle, which took place in 2004, was a major conflict during the Iraq War and was one of the bloodiest and most intense urban battles in modern history. The United States and its allies faced off against Iraqi insurgent forces in the city of Fallujah, located in western Iraq. The fighting lasted for several weeks and resulted in the deaths of hundreds of soldiers and civilians, as well as the displacement of thousands of residents. The Battle of Fallujah had a significant impact on the course of the Iraq War and remains a significant event in modern military history.