Our Vision

    In the summer of 2001, before the fall of the Twin Towers in NYC, an assorted group of characters from different parts of the country signed their names on the dotted line, and volunteered to serve something greater than self. 


     They united in a test of mettle and reaffirmed an oath to protect and defend the virtues that Americans hold dear. Unknowingly, their journey would bind them in blood. It took them to exotic places, within themselves, that they had never dreamed, with nightmares unforeseen. From the beginning, they were taught the art of “one team, one fight.” They honed their skills and used them to accomplish every mission that was given. This sense of brotherhood and camaraderie fueled the yearning within every warrior’s soul. 

     There are three basic things that motivate the human spirit – A battle to fight, an adventure to seek, and a love to rescue.  We continue to battle for principles, test our courage and wit in unknown landscapes, and go to the aid of our brothers when they fall. Our goal as combat veterans is to maintain the spirit that drives every warrior, and to reinvigorate a purpose within our community’s by using our organic skill sets to reunite those that have forged the bonds through fire.  


    At Reunite the Fight, we are determined to recreate, renew, and redefine a positive support network that upholds the standards that will reunite us together. 


“If war does not kill the warrior, having no use for him will.”


     There are too many veterans that survive war only to be forgotten, and fall to the demise of being mission-less. At the end of a tour in the military, whether it was 4 years or 24, a person loses a part of themselves because they realize that feeling of camaraderie is hard to replicate. This level of human connection can only be attained through shared struggle and adversity. It never comes easy and it is always painful, but earning it is the empowering factor that will allow us to persevere in all of our endeavors. We are committed to the challenge and challenge others to accept the responsibility for their lives, to hold themselves accountable, and invest in each other.


      We believe that the only way to effect change is to be that change. We will motivate you. We will challenge you with a clear mission. We will re-instill values that you might have forgotten or lost completely.  We will remind you of the commitment you have to yourself, so that you can be an effective and productive person for your family. We are a family of people with similar experiences, needs, and mentality. There is nothing we cannot do as a unit. Rejoin the fight at Reunite the Fight, and reconnect with what drives a warrior’s heart and soul.